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Why You Need VPN

Privacy is becoming more of an issue in today’s world. With hackers developing new malicious software daily and governments increasing surveillance protocol, it is important for you to protect your identity when accessing the World Wide Web. Using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the best and easiest way to secure your online identity when browsing the net.

Most coffee shops and business establishments now offer amenities such as free Wi-Fi for customers. Many people take advantage of this and use internet for business, and personal purposes while enjoying a cup of coffee or an afternoon snack. When connecting to a free Wi-Fi network, it is very important to carefully check the SSID or the Network Name to which you are connecting. Ask the cashier or one of the waiters what the Network Name is, to be sure that you are connecting to the correct one. Some hackers will attempt to disguise a network as an official one, and once you connect to it, malware will be installed onto your device and they will gain access.

In order to protect your device and your security while surfing using free public Wi-Fi, consider using VPN software on your device. A VPN client will encrypt data which is being sent back and forth from your device and the VPN server, which will make it 100 times harder for a would-be intruder to sniff your data. The application is also quite easy to use, and even a beginner should be able to install and set it up easily to begin the protection process.

Public Wi-Fi is available in a wide variety of locations from coffee shops and public libraries, to airport terminals and internet café’s. It’s very useful to use public Wi-Fi when you’re on the go and you need to check your emails or other important online information, and you don’t want to use your phone’s 3G (public Wi-Fi is also free!). However, please exercise caution when utilizing free public Wi-Fi. People with unlawful intent exist in every corner of the globe, and it is essential that you do not let your guard down when accessing the internet. Using a good VPN software will also allow you to take advantage of these free Wi-Fi hotspots with the added benefit of giving you the peace of mind to stay protected. If you do not have a VPN app or software installed on your device, it would be best to postpone that quick online bank deposit or PayPal login until you can either get the protection software, or connect to a secured internet source.